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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A girl and her dog layout

"A girl and her dog" is a layout for my daughter, Lexy and her dog, Biscuit.
We have a long trail beside our house that leads down to our creek. Its so peaceful down there and I love to take the camera and capture a lil piece of our heaven.

I didn't use alot of techniques on this, just a lil paper glaze a few of the puppy tracks.
What I did do was write this poem for my daughter:
A girl and her dog
go out for a jog
On a Sunday afternoon.
The wind in her hair
his tail in the air
The sun will be going down soon.
About that, they dont care
In the yard, they'll play there
And enjoy this late day in June.
I am so happy to be back online and posting again!
I have missed everyone so much!

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