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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Her Eyes Rival the Stars

This is my sweet Lexy, at her dance recital last month. She is just growing up too fast!
The journaling block reads:
Babygirl, When I look into your eyes I see love, beauty, and intelligence. They are as blue as the ocean and as bright as the Heaven above.

This lo is a lift of Wendy's aka MommyofPandE. I just fell in love with everything about the lo. She was sweet enough to give me permission to do a complete lift. Thanks again Wendy.
Check out her original on Its Gorgeous!

I am happy to announce that I have been asked to be featured on Creative Soup's website for the Friday Five! Pop over and check out the site!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crocheted Flowers

Just wanted to share some of the crocheted flowers that me and my aunt made.

She taught me how to make them and I just love them.

My aunt means the world to me and I owe so much of my creativity to her.

She is always creating beautiful things out of just about anything.

Thanks so much Aunt Teresa! I love you!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011



Of course, I had to do a layout for my sweet little boy, Will too.

He is a bundle of laughs and so loving and genuine. His smile melts my heart and gets him out of a lot of trouble.

I stamped the background with a marble stamp to give a tree bark effect, and did lots of rub-ons. I really enjoyed doing a black and white lo with the one colored photo.

The quote on this lo is one of my favorites.

There are only two lasting bequest we can give hope to give our children.

One is roots; the other, wings.

Again, I did this lo a while ago for a challenge on and I am just getting it to my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon is another layout of my daughter on that same lovely walk to the creek on our property.
This is a lo that I created a few months back but never got it to my blog.
I had alot of fun with this one, I glimmer misted the background and made most of the embellishments.
I crocheted the borders and made the stick pin and flowers!
I thought the feather added a lil glam and fun.

A girl and her dog layout

"A girl and her dog" is a layout for my daughter, Lexy and her dog, Biscuit.
We have a long trail beside our house that leads down to our creek. Its so peaceful down there and I love to take the camera and capture a lil piece of our heaven.

I didn't use alot of techniques on this, just a lil paper glaze a few of the puppy tracks.
What I did do was write this poem for my daughter:
A girl and her dog
go out for a jog
On a Sunday afternoon.
The wind in her hair
his tail in the air
The sun will be going down soon.
About that, they dont care
In the yard, they'll play there
And enjoy this late day in June.
I am so happy to be back online and posting again!
I have missed everyone so much!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime lo with paper suading tutorial

This is a lo of me and my hubby. We took a Carnival cruise to Cancun, Calica, and Cozumel. On this night, we got dressed up in our formals and dined on Lobster and Steak like royalty. It was a night I will never forget!

For the embellishments I did a paper suading technique for the photo mats. I cut up a fish net and added shells and starfish. I found some antique sailor buttons at a flea market, and I made the stick pin. Also I used Lidia's tutorial for dried roses.

For the paper suading technique you will need a paper crimper, a straight stick (i use a paint brush, and a solid core cardstock (very important) no white cores!!

To get started cut the paper down to size or you tear it to size after you are finished.

Run the paper through the paper crimper twice one way the turn it and run it through twice the other way. **You can send it through a few more times if you want, the more the better.

After it is ran through the crimper, use your straightening tool (paint brush, pencil, whatever you have laying around). Run the tool all over the paper, pinching it between your finger and the tool. This helps to seperate the core in the middle. Continue to work it all over all the way to the edge. ***When you are finished you will see the paper start to seperate at the edges.
Once the paper starts to seperate take your fingernail and seperate it enough to grap both sides of the paper. Then start pulling the paper apart slowly. If it catches and starts to tear, just stop and start at another end once you reach that spot from the other side, it will keep it from tearing. Peal the two sides completely apart.
Once you have done that, the inside of the paper will be Suaded! It will be soft to the touch, but look rough and distressed.
Then you can tear the edges (it tears very easily), ink it, punch it, layer it, ruffle it, chalk it... What ever floats your boat! Just have fun!!

Thanks for looking and I hope this tutorial helps.

Let me know if you try it, I would love to see what you do!

Also on this lo, I created this dried rose using the wonderful tutorial by the beautiful Lidia of Breaking Barriers! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I absolutely love reading your comments!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top Secret lo
This is a lo about the relationship between my son, Will and his Grandpa Carl. They are so close and love spending time together. One of their fav things to do is to share secrets with each other. I love to see Will's eyes light up when they are playing around! I had fun with this lo and used some techniques that are a first for me.
Here are some closeups of the stitching on the side.

And the masking and rubons...

Deadly Muse lo

This is a lo of me and the girls in my bookclub, The Muse, at a booksigning with Charlaine Harris, author the Sookie Stackhouse novels. We had so much fun here. The title comes from the autograph that I recieved in my book. She wrote: "To Tabbetha, a deadly muse." I will treasure that book always.
Here are a some close ups of the techniques I used on this lo.
On the first close up, I inked some red ribbon and then twisted it up and went back and forth across the tear. I just taped it on the back no threading involved! I added some brads and pin that I made.
On the second close up, I just got the tip of my finger wet and rubbed until it formed a hole, then cut out a small piece of red paper, crinkled it up, inked it, and taped it behind the tear. I also printed some photos of the books off the internet and shrunk them to make my border.
Thank you so much for visiting my post, I always look forward to your comments.