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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top Secret lo
This is a lo about the relationship between my son, Will and his Grandpa Carl. They are so close and love spending time together. One of their fav things to do is to share secrets with each other. I love to see Will's eyes light up when they are playing around! I had fun with this lo and used some techniques that are a first for me.
Here are some closeups of the stitching on the side.

And the masking and rubons...

Deadly Muse lo

This is a lo of me and the girls in my bookclub, The Muse, at a booksigning with Charlaine Harris, author the Sookie Stackhouse novels. We had so much fun here. The title comes from the autograph that I recieved in my book. She wrote: "To Tabbetha, a deadly muse." I will treasure that book always.
Here are a some close ups of the techniques I used on this lo.
On the first close up, I inked some red ribbon and then twisted it up and went back and forth across the tear. I just taped it on the back no threading involved! I added some brads and pin that I made.
On the second close up, I just got the tip of my finger wet and rubbed until it formed a hole, then cut out a small piece of red paper, crinkled it up, inked it, and taped it behind the tear. I also printed some photos of the books off the internet and shrunk them to make my border.
Thank you so much for visiting my post, I always look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your are Going Places Award

I would love to thank the generous, lovely, caring, and sweet lady, Lidia from Breaking Barrier and beautiful, kind, and talented Lisa of the for this wonderful and unique Award. You are a very special friend and an extrememly talented blogger and scrapper. Im so happy to have made your acquaintance!

The rules of this wondeful award are:
1. Pass this award on to ten lovely ladies and great bloggers:
Cheryl, Cherrie ,Darien, Heather, Tracy (Perfect Storm), Debbie, Paula, Tricia, Mel, Tracy(Tracy Treasures)

2. Post where you wish to be in ten years!
Where I would love to be in ten years: I want to be in the same home with my sweet husband and son. My daughter, Lexy will be 20 yrs old and in pre-med, that is her dream to be a veterinarian (not mine, although when she does Im sure I wont be able to contain my pride!) I just want her to be happy. My son will be 16 and driving! OH my godness! I hope to have our family business up and running and be able to wake up every morning have a cup of coffee with Billy and ponder how we are lucky enough to be blessed with such a wonderful life.

I thank God everyday for the path he has chosen for me and my family!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy..Giggles and Smiles

This is a lo of my baby boy, Will, when he was about four months old. He will be 6 years old in July. How time flies!!
This is one of the los that I started at my crop on NSD.
I had lots of inspiration on this one! I tore around the edges and inked them to looked burned, I also painted a lite blue around the photo and added a rubon to the corner.

The rope is braided ribbon twisted with fiber. Thanks Wendy for the tut! The roses are Prima! The first time that I have used Prima! And my dear friend, Anna showed me how to do the misting technique on cream colored paper. She also gave me the embossed yellow paper.

I made the ribbon flower using Lisa's tutorial, the middle is a keychain that my dd bought me!

I made the stick pen to match, and added some pearls to the fan punch. I really enjoyed doing this lo. Hope you enjoying looking at it!
Thanks ladies for all the wonderful ideas!
The links to these wondeful tutorials are in my list.

Thanks so much for your comments, they really do mean alot to me!